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4 Cartoon Villages in the Real World

4 Cartoon Villages in the Real World - Cartoons are films that are generally liked by all people, ranging from small children to adults, men and women.

As with other films, cartoons also have settings or background places, some of which are unique and interesting.

Funny thing is, in the real world there are several places that are similar to the settings in the cartoon, both intentionally made and existed since long ago.

In the end, the place became a popular tourist destination.

Want to know what kind of cartoons are in the real world? Come on, see the 4 cartoon villages in the real world below!

juzcar in spain

1. The cartoon village of Juzcar "Smurf" Spain

The first cartoon village was Juzcar in Spain. It turned out that the all-blue village in the story of the animated film "Smurf" was not just a fiction, in the South of Spain a small village called Juzcar was transformed into a Smurf village, and immediately tourists flocked to the village.

The inhabitants of this village are less than 2,000 people. Formerly a village in the province of Malaga, this Andalusia was just an ordinary white-painted settlement, there was no interesting side at all.

But when the first Smurf film boomed in June 2011, local residents held a celebration welcoming the film's presence.

They then turned the village into a blue one. Tourists who are curious about this place also flood the village.

Locals renovate this village by spending 4,000 liters of blue paint. Not only a row of blue houses, there also looks like a line of houses on the hill exactly in the Smurf movie.

In December 2011, an interesting offer came from the company that produced the Smurf film to beautify Juzcar.

Finally the village was repainted and added Smurf sculptures, starting from the entrance to the end.

Since becoming a tourist village, this village prepares hotels and homestays for tourists who want to chat longer with the surrounding population, unfortunately this actually makes the village down prestige in just 6 months.

2. Lego Gamcheon Village in Korea

The next cartoon village is in Gamcheon, Korea. When you hear the word Lego, it will definitely remind us of colorful plastic toys that can be arranged in various shapes, like a house. car or other building.

What if there are settlements or villages that have designs like those of Lego toys?

Yups, it turns out there is a village like Lego, the village is located in Busan, Korea. Because it is famous for its uniqueness, this village, known as Gamcheon in Busan, is also a great place to study art and history.

In the 1950s Gamcheon village was a slum village full of Korean war refugees.

In addition, this area is also inhabited by a community called Taegeukdo who was born during the upheaval in Korea in the 1900s.

The levels of the Gamcheon layout, it turns out, have been planned by the Taegeukdo community and aim to prevent any houses from blocking the house behind them.

This is in accordance with their teachings, which do not hinder the welfare of others.

When residents choose pastel and soft colors for the walls of their homes, artists add a more colorful touch and attract tourists.

3. Popeye Village, Gozo Island, Malta

Almost everyone knows the animated character Popeye the sailor, a mighty fictional character because he likes to eat spinach. Who would have thought a real Popeye village would be in Malta.

Thanks to his fame, Popeye's character was appointed to the big screen by Robert Altman in 1980.

Robert also created a village with an atmosphere that was similar to the background of the Popeye cartoon. From nothing, the cartoon village of Popeye was made on the island of Gozo, Malta.

A total of 20 wooden structures are made with logs imported from the Netherlands and Canada. All of used to set the film for Popeye village.

Uniquely after shooting the film, the setting was not destroyed or abandoned. The inhabitants of the island use it as a recreational park.

If you visit the cartoon village of Popeye, there are various exciting activities that are ready to color your vacation.

He cried again, the Popeye cartoon characters also accompanied the visitors.

The island's beautiful atmosphere and similar to the original cartoon design, really brings visitors into the world of Popeye.

4. Cartoon Village "Beauty and The Beast" in Alsace, France

The last cartoon village is in Alsace, France. Do you know the Disney Beauty And The Beast story that tells the story of a beautiful girl named Belle who can turn Beast into a human?

If yes, you certainly remember the small village where Belle lived before moving to the Beast palace. It turned out that the village really existed in the Alsace region, France.

Although it is not called the name of the village in the film, it is clear that Belle's residence setting is inspired by this Alsace village.

The residents of the same house and its layout, really remind the village of Beauty and The Beast.

That is to the four cartoon villages that really exist in the real world, Hopefully you can add your insight!


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