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Dreadlocks Shaving Ceremony in Dieng Indonesia

Dreadlocks Shaving Ceremony in Dieng Indonesia - In the Dieng Plateau, Indonesia, there is a routine tradition that is very interesting every year, namely the dreads of dreadlocks in children.

This annual event which is quite well known abroad contains a Ruwatan ceremony before the dreadlocked children are shaved.

Dreadlocks Shaving Ceremony in Dieng Indonesia

According to the local belief, the event was held in connection with the legend of the Kyai Kolodete which was the forerunner of the founder of Wonosobo District, which is said to always hold a ruwatan ceremony before shaving dreadlocked children.

Because it is said that dreadlocked children are considered able to bring disaster in the future, but if it is believed that the children are believed to be able to bring sustenance.

Besides that, if the shaved child does not do ruwatan first, the hair that will grow after being shaved will still be dreadlocks and again the child can get sick.

The ceremony itself is carried out based on weton (the birth day of the child) while the implementation of the ceremony is calculated based on the neptu (the birth value of the child to be complicated) with special preparations such as the place of ceremonies and offerings.

The offerings that are usually prepared for this ceremony themselves include cone, chicken ingkung (whole large chicken), scissors, bowls and water filled with flowers, rice, 2 pieces of money, umbrellas, white cone with decorated fruits which are planted, market snacks and 15 types of drinks, such as sweet and bitter coffee, sweet and bitter tea, basil, milk, millet and children's requests are complicated.

The place for the ceremony itself is at Semar Cave, which is located in the Telaga Warna tourist area.

This Ruwatan event was first opened with remarks by one of the ceremony organizers. Then after the remarks were finished, the ceremony procession began. Accompanied by the gamelan sound, the paranormal begins to bathe the child who will be shaved.

The water used by the paranormal to bathe the child to be shaved is taken from a spring that is considered a blessing on the Dieng Plateau.

Then after bathing, then prepared offerings that will be used in the procession of the ruwatan ceremony, namely white cone with decorated fruits which are plugged in, this illustrates dreadlocks. Tumpeng is considered the head while the strands of fruit as dreadlocks.

Then there are chicken that have been fried (bakakak), market snacks and 15 types of drinks, such as sweet and bitter coffee, sweet and bitter tea, basil, milk, millet, and so on.

After all the offerings for the ceremony were complete, then the dukun offered a prayer to then bloat the child's head to be shaved with the incense smoke that had been prayed for earlier.

Then the shaman cuts the dreads of the child by inserting a ring that is considered magical to each strand of dreadlocks and shaving them one by one.

The hair that had been cut was then wrapped in a white cloth and then dissolved into Telaga Warna or a river in Dieng.

Along with the dilution of dreadlocks to the river or to Telaga Warna with this, the procession of the dreadlocks rimba ceremony ended.

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