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Getting to Know About British Culture

Getting to Know About British Culture - The name "English" (England) comes from the word Englaland in ancient English, which means "Tana Angles". These Angles are one of the Germanic tribes that settled in Flat Britain during the Early Middle Ages. This Angles tribe originates from the Angeln peninsula in Kiel Bay, the Baltic Sea region.

Getting to Know About British Culture

England is a country that is in the European Continent and has thousands of London cities. This country is one of the developed countries in the world. This country is progressing both in the fields of tourism, education, economy, sports, and education. This form of government is a kingdom with a constitutional and parliamentary system.

Since the 19th century, Britain has become the first industrial country in the world and become a leading country thanks to its economic and social prosperity. Until now, this country has influential economic and political power in the world. This time I will try to explain and check some of the cultures in the United Kingdom.


English is a language originating from England where this language is a worldwide language, you can say this language is used to communicate among citizens in general. This language originated from a combination of several local languages ​​used by Norwegians, Danes, and Anglo-Saxons from the 6th to 10th centuries.


Morris Dancing is one of the traditional dances of British society which is usually accompanied by music. Morris's dance emphasizes agility and leg strength. Morris dance is done in groups. The dancers carried sticks, swords and handkerchiefs as a complement to the dance. Although dancing in groups and close together, Morris's dancers did not make them worry about being hurt.

Queuing Culture

The multicultural British society has the habit of queuing to do and get something. People think that anyone who does not want to wait in line is a selfish person and does not care about those around him. This queuing culture is like values ​​and norms that apply in society.

Straw Bear

The Straw Bear is a straw bear day which is the oldest tradition that is usually done on January 7. This tradition is believed to start the period of farming and farming. The participants, both men and teenagers, used straw costumes ranging from feet to head. And they walked knocking on the door of one house to another while dancing. The dancers will get gifts from homeowners in return. Whether in the form of food, beer or money.

Pearly Kings and Queen

Pearly Kings and Queen is also known as Pearlies, a charity event commonly held by the working class people and workers. And it has become a middle-class culture of the City of London. The Pearly Kings and Queens participants wear sparkling clothes that come from pearl buttons made in the 19th century.

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