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History and Origin of Ballet Dance

Ballet dance is very famous since ancient times first appeared today. Incessantly people learn to Ballet dances.

For some parents, if they have daughters, most of course will tell their children to learn Ballet dance. This type of dance is very magical. There are several merging elements that you can see from the dance.

ballet dance

These elements such as tenderness, strength, discipline, firmness, and much more. Ballet is a dance that prioritizes the basic principles of discipline. To be able to dance Ballet, it takes a short amount of practice. The pattern of practice for dancing is also not easy even though there are stages or levels.

It takes extraordinary seriousness and perseverance to be able to dance well. This dance is one of the dances that describes and expresses elegance, tenderness, strength, and discipline.

If you see or watch a Ballet, surely you will be able to see those expressions. Ballet dance is a dance that has some interesting characteristics and history, some of which are as follows:

Ballet first appeared in the Renaissance era in the western European continent. The dance performance was first held by Balthazar de Beaujoyeux, a violinist and dance expert from France in 1581 in Paris.

Ballet dance art can only be watched initially by the nobility and members of the kingdom on the European continent.

The heyday of Ballet dance was in 1643 until 1715 under the reign of King Louis XIV.

The dance performance that was held in the kingdom at that time was created by two very historic figures namely an Italian and French composer, Jean Baptiste Lully and a famous French composer, Pierre Beauchamps.

Ballet is a dance that is formed by combining the performances of music, poetry and dance which are formed into one storyline.

At first this dance was danced by male dancers, but along with its development and began many dancers who created new innovations in this dance, making female dancers become the main characters in the Ballet dance.

Based on research by a number of experts who see the world of dance, for women, ages 8 to 10 years is the best age to start learning Ballet, while for men it is possible to start learning at any age. This is stated because of seeing and considering the effects of Ballet dancing on the health of the child's muscles.

Ballet is very focused on flexibility and flexibility of the body to dance. This dance also requires the dancers to have good body balance techniques. That way, the training needed is very extra.

This dance has several movement techniques. Among the many movement techniques, the famous one is grand pas de deux and works.

Along with the times, this dance can be performed in special performances of Ballet dance or can also be part of opera performances.

Ballet dance has a basic movement that is a movement consisting of five basic shapes or patterns involving the legs, head, hands and shoulders.

There are several Ballerina or Ballet dancers who are very popular, one of which is Sylvie Guillem and Allesandra Ferri.

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