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5 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Poland

5 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Poland - Poland is a republic in Central Europe bordering Germany to the west of the Oder-Neisse Border.

The country has a myriad of interesting tourist sites to visit. Here are 5 beautiful tourist locations in Poland that you must visit:

5 Interesting Tourist Destinations in Poland

1. Kraków

For the medieval city that survived World War II, Kraków is very well maintained, making it a charming destination for tourists interested in history or architecture. In Kraków you can see medieval cathedrals, Renaissance castles, Baroque churches, Art Nouveau theaters and other monuments.

Don't think that Kraków is limited to monuments and museums. Thanks to the extraordinary density and various bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants, Kraków sparkles with life, especially during the warm season.

2. The Tatra Mountains

This mountain range is a favorite place for skiing and mountain climbing fans, as well as tourists who just want to relax in the countryside. Yes, around the High Tatras there are several villages that give huts for overnight stays, sports facilities and spas for tourists.

3. Warsaw, Poland

Palaces and parks are scattered in the Polish capital. Public transportation, such as buses, metro, trams, and electric trams, makes it easy to explore. See the city that lies before you from the extraordinary Palace of Culture and Science. Visit the Royal Palace, Gothic-style stone aisles, as well as baroque palaces in the Old City, which were destroyed by German forces, but have now been restored as the original.

4. Masurian Lake

Masuria is famous for thousands of lakes and forests nearby, offering a variety of outdoor activities from sailing to kayaking and swimming. In addition to water sports and wandering around, you can explore many historical places. There are palaces in Reszel, Nidzica and Gizycko, the amazing Baroque church in Swieta Lipka and Hitler's war headquarters in the forest near Ketrzyn.

5. Gdańsk

One of the prettiest cities in Poland, Gdańsk, which is located in the Baltic Sea once had an important role in history, especially in the 20th century. The city was recorded in the precarious times of World War II in 1939, then became the site of the inception of Solidarnosc's labor movement in 1980, which began the end of Communist domination in Eastern Europe.

The Old Town area of ​​Gdansk is a tourist attraction that must be visited. This city was carefully rebuilt to restore the former glory of the Hanseatic League after being destroyed in World War II. City Hall from the 14th century was used as the city's historical museum.

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Those are 5 beautiful tourist destinations in Poland. So, if you stop by this country, don't forget to visit the places above and see for yourself the sensation!


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