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5 Popular Latin Dances

5 Popular Latin Dances - In this world there are various unique and interesting forms of art. One of them is in the form of dance. There are many local dances that are even known throughout the world.

This time, we will discuss about 5 very popular latin dances. What is the list? Let's see more!

5 Popular Latin Dances

1. Samba

Hearing the samba name, of course you already know where this dance came from, right? Yes, this global dance originates from Brazil, although its roots are from Africa but this dance is developing and successful in Brazil.

Started worldwide when it was introduced in Europe in 1925, at a performance at the New York World Exhibition there in 1939 and was only truly accepted globally in 1948.

The character of this samba dance is an expression of exuberant teasing accompanied by a distinctive hip movement and is not easy to do so it feels essence and character.

2. Cha-cha

Cha cha music itself is rooted in Cuba, but it is combined with a variety of music especially Jazz. Cha-cha dance and music is an evolution of Mambo which results in slower music and easier movement rhythms, so that the peak of Cha-cha dance fame began in the 1950s.

The interpretation of this dance is the joy, freedom and atmosphere of the party atmosphere. The dance characters are lots of dynamic movements and hip swings that are sexy and prominent.

3. Rumba

Although this dance developed and was famous in Cuba, but in its history this dance was carried by Africans to the American continent which came as slaves.

This dance has the ancient premise of women who dominate men through their charms so that it is very thick sensual and erotic elements in this dance. Focusing on sensual female dancer dance moves and tempting male dancers who answer them with a gesture of worship and wish for the woman, but the man is rejected and abandoned.

Female dancer dances focus on hip movements and male dancers dance throughout the body to impress women. So the core of this dance is the story of love and rejection.

4. Paso Doble

This dance from Spain also developed in Mexico. Accompanied by typical Spanish music that directly brings us to the atmosphere of bullfighting. This dance originally developed from the basic movements of a matador on the bullring.

Therefore male dancers act as matadores and female dancers act as capes or red robes or even sometimes as bulls.

This doble paso dance began to be popular in 1920 which peaked in 1926, until it was recognized as a dance that was competed globally after world war.

Paso doble is the only latin dance that is not rooted in Africa, guys, so this dance is truly authentic from Spain and its distinctive movements stomp a little like a bullfight.

5. Jive

This dance won the hearts of western countries since the 1940s and was the result of a mixture of various types of dances namely Jitterburg, African American Swing, Rock & Roll and Boogie Woogie. It is a fast rhythm dance that prioritizes the expression and speed of the dancer's movements.

This is to show the audience that dancers are still energetic and not tired after dancing 4 dances before, because generally in the fifth championship / race the dances are danced sequentially non stop and jive which is the last dance performed.

Apart from speed, Jive is a position dance, where dancers do not need to shift too much on the dance floor but focus on the many variations of dance moves performed.

Well, there are 5 of the most global latin dances, although there are many other famous latin dances such as salsa or argentine tango, but this time we only mention dances which are officially introduced and recognized by international dance sports organizations. Hopefully this article is useful to increase your knowledge!


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