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5 Unique Japanese Lifestyle Traditions

5 Unique Japanese Lifestyle Traditions - The lifestyle traditions of each country do have differences, but sometimes there are things that are hard to believe because they are too unique or strange.

Japan is one of the countries that has a lot of traditions of strange and unique lifestyles, looking at a glance or just for a moment is not enough to be able to know all the traditions or culture that is owned by this sunrise country.

Below we will discuss about 5 unique and strange lifestyle traditions that you may not have known about Japan.

5 Unique Japanese Lifestyle Traditions


Nothing seems more tragic than dying alone, but it happens in Japan at any time. This is also because one of the side effects of the average age of Japanese people who are more populated by elderly people, one might say that one in five Japanese people over the age of 65 and many are in their eighties to nineties.

Therefore there are a lot of neglected Japanese parents and cause a phenomenon known as "Kodokushi", which means a lonely death. Thousands of cases occur in Japan each year, especially among men who have few social ties. Sometimes the body remains dormant for a long time at home.

There are even companies that specialize in cleaning the dwellings of people who have surrendered to such destiny.

Legal proceedings

The history of the Yakuza does indeed give a terrible impression on life in Japan but in fact it does not affect the quality of security that is owned by this country at all.

Japan is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world but with a low crime rate it does not mean the legal process is mild or not strict, according to records that there is an average process of arrest or the court there is 99% right, which means every the legal process that runs a person will surely be captured with clear evidence.

Then unlike most other countries, death row inmates were only notified a few hours before, until the time of execution arrived.


Normally having regular or neat teeth is the dream of every person in Japan, a unique lifestyle tradition about teeth is called Yaeba.

This tradition is to lengthen canines so that they look longer than other teeth, in Indonesia it might be said to be gingulous teeth.

Yaeba itself means vampire teeth, this kind of appearance is believed by many teenagers in Japan to give a more cute and attractive appearance, especially for teenage girls.


Maybe for most other countries this lifestyle tradition invites controversy especially in the world of work,

Japanese people are known to be very hard working and only have a little sleep, this can be seen with the unique tradition created "Inemuri" which is to fall asleep at work.

In this tradition it is believed that if the person has done hard work, the shop owners or the company also respects the existence of this Inemuri tradition which considers their workers to work hard and need little energy.

Not because they are lazy or do like to sleep, but Japanese people do this because they are too tired to work.

Don't imitate this tradition in your workplace because of course you will get a rebuke from your boss!


Technological developments continue to run in Japan, but not with the development of the community. The nature of most Japanese people who tend to be shy and closed, makes a lifestyle tradition called Hikikomori appear.

This lifestyle tradition is actually greatly avoided by Japanese people, but can come to anyone, especially teenagers, without being aware of themselves.

The effect of this tradition is that they tend to shut themselves up in rooms and cool with their own world, regardless of the outside world or the social world.

Too long with this tradition will have a negative impact on the person, therefore a number of health centers in Japan are actively working to prevent this bad habit or bad tradition.


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